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Southeastern Lieutenancy
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Joseph Patrick Hebert, KC*HS
Peggy Hebert, DC*HS
Co-masters of Pilgrimages



November 7 to November 17, 2023

Dear Knights, Dames and Knight Chaplains:

Applications are now being accepted for the next Holy Land pilgrimage scheduled for November 7-17, 2023. It is likely that the trip will be limited to around forty pilgrims. Please find attached the pilgrimage brochure. Those members of the Order making their first pilgrimage to the Holy Land at that time will receive the Order's Pilgrim Shell. Pilgrimages in the February/March 2024 and October/November 2024 timeframes will be planned. Any person interested in a pilgrimage should direct any questions by phone or email to Peggy and JP Hebert, co-masters of the Holy Land pilgrimage program.

Our Fall 2023 pilgrimage is set for November 7-17, 2023.  The overseas group flights will depart from, and return to, Atlanta.  We will have daily Mass while on pilgrimage.  We currently have around 21 pilgrims signed up.  We plan to keep the total number at no more than approximately 40 people, although the bus holds about 58.  The November 2023 pilgrimage brochure and supplemental information are attached for your distribution to your Diocesan members and to any others (Catholic or otherwise) who may be interested in a Holy Land pilgrimage.

Our Spring 2024 pilgrimage is set for February 28-March 9, 2024.  This pilgrimage is intentionally set to take place during the Lenten season to greatly enhance a pilgrim's spiritual awareness and understanding of the events of salvation going into Easter Week (March 24-31, 2024).  The overseas group flights will depart from, and return to, Newark.  We will have daily Mass while on pilgrimage.  The total group size will be kept at no more than approximately 40 people.  We will forward to you by separate email the February/March 2024 pilgrimage brochure and supplemental information.

There are many benefits to participating in an EOHSJ (SLEOHS) pilgrimage, including:

1.  We visit and pray at all of the Holy Land sites most important to us Catholics.

2.  The presence of members of the Order (and particularly of the Southeastern Lieutenancy) on pilgrimage provides much needed spiritual, financial and moral support to our Christian sisters and brothers in the Holy Land.

3.  Members of the Order fulfill their commitment to actually visit the Holy Land at least once during their lifetime.

4.  Members of the Order making their first Holy Land pilgrimage receive their Pilgrim Shells at a ceremony at the Latin Patriarchate in Jerusalem.

5.  If possible, pilgrims visit Bethlehem University which has received financial support from members of the Southeastern Lieutenancy.

6.  Pilgrims learn first hand about the complexity of the political, economic and religious issues faced by Christians in the Holy Land.

7.  Pilgrims expand their horizons and make new (and even life-long) friends by traveling with other members of the Order, as well as other Catholics, from other Dioceses.

8.  Pilgrims have a very enjoyable experience as, among other things, our groups have the best Palestinian local guide and driver in the Holy Land.